About us

About Coco Roses

Ethical & Empowering
Because the production of cotton CAN be farmed without toxic chemicals.
Factories CAN reduce waste, use natural energy and non toxic dye processes while treating and paying their staff correctly.
So it's up to us companies in the fashion industry to make the right choices!
 All of our products are eco friendly and mostly organic! Every single item has been chosen for the fact that everyone along the chain of production was treated fairly. 
 And in choosing to use garments from ethical suppliers, the quality is always on par with their morals. 
 So enjoy snuggling up to your super soft, free from all harmful chemicals garment. 
Knowing that it has made a happy journey from the cotton fields to your letterbox. 



About Mimi.

Hello, thanks for reading this far! I hope what I’m on a mission to do resonates with you. If you’re here you probably share the same beliefs as me so lets join forces to create some real waves in the world together!

I design everything with one purpose: to inspire, empower and make women feel good about themselves (once and for all). 

Because I believe in the power of women and sisterhood!

If I were a recipe, I’d be 3 spoons of girl power, 2 spoons of positivity, and a generous sprinkling of love and support. 


Female community has always been incredibly important to Mimi. Growing up mixed race, she was aware that she was a little different from the other girls: darker, thicker body hair and with a head of unruly curls! Her first experience of the incredible power that women have when they unite came during primary school run-in with a bully. Mimi decided to rally her girls together and told them that they will defeat this bully together, as a team. She walked them down to the playground and together they peacefully called the girl out. As of that day, there was no more bullying! That experience showed her the strength we have as women when we come together, because most of us are too fearful to realise just how powerful we are. 

Later in life, Mimi spent time volunteering with Orangutans in Borneo. During her travels back through India she couldn’t stop the feeling that she wasn’t pursuing her purpose in life; to empower women. She had this overwhelming feeling that she should be making an impact, challenging the status quo and doing whatever she could to make life better for women. She was so fed up of seeing women not loving themselves and coming up against a broken system.

So, back from her travels, knowing that all she wanted to do was make women realise their worth, whilst fulfilling her creativity she taught herself to screen print. She used the last £200 she had left from travels on screens, blank t shirts and inks and Coco Roses was born. 

Launching on Instagram, things kicked off straight away as people loved the positive and inspiring messages. Since then she has been navigating raising a baby while growing her business, empowering women, celebrating sisterhood and trying to practise self care. Her most famous designs ‘Sister’s Got Your Back’, ‘Less Judging More Loving’, ‘Help Each Other Grow’ and ‘Work Hard then Rest’ are perfect examples of the values she believes in and wants to celebrate with the world! Want to know more about Mimi, and follow her journey? Check out here Instagram: @cocoroses.uk