About us

Ethical. Sustainable.

 Because the production of cotton CAN be farmed without toxic chemicals.
Factories CAN reduce waste, use natural energy and non toxic dye processes while treating and paying their staff correctly.
So it's up to us companies in the fashion industry to make the right choices!

 All of our products are eco friendly and mostly organic! Every single item has been chosen for the fact that everyone along the chain of production was treated fairly. 
 And in choosing to use garments from ethical suppliers, the quality is always on par with their morals. 
 So enjoy snuggling up to your super soft, free from all harmful chemicals garment. 
Knowing that it has made a happy journey from the cotton fields to your letterbox. 


I’m overjoyed to announce our new collaboration with Bloody Good Period. Founded by Gabby Edlin, BGP has been on a mission to provide free sanitary products to refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. The reason I chose Bloody Good Period is I think it gets right down to the root of feminism. Sanitary products are still priced as “luxury items” despite the fact they are a necessity. What message does that put across to girls and women who struggle to afford them? I’ve been there many times, using tissues because I couldn’t afford a box of tampons! But imagine dealing with that on top of everything else these women are faced with every day. I hugely commend Bloody Good Period's work for essentially saying to every woman “Sister, we’ve got your back. Here’s one less thing for you to worry about." 

£1 from every T-shirt will be donated to Bloody Good Period and together we can help support sisters in need.  


Hello, thanks for reading this far! I hope what I’m on a mission to do resonates with you. 

If you’re here you probably share the same beliefs as me so lets join forces to create some real waves in the world together!

I design everything with one purpose: to inspire, empower and make women feel good about themselves (once and for all). 

Because I believe in the power of women and sisterhood!

Coco Roses was born in 2016 after returning from volunteering with Orangutans in Borneo with my fiancé Sam. 

I decided to take the plunge to pursue my dreams with my last pennies and taught my self how to screen print. 

A year later my son Cosmo was born and now all printing is done by my super spesh printing team.

Everything else still remains a family affair. Building the business during baby naps, all precious free moments and 

photography by Sam who has lent me his skills since the beginning :)

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