Week Two: Realising Your Worth

Re-wiring your brain to create a more positive inner dialogue IS possible! We just need to get repeating and instil some new thought habits!

Last week we got our ears on alert mode and paid close attention to our inner dialogue. 

And guess what most of you found? She wasn’t being your mate hun. 

So this week the main challenge is to DITCH THE BITCH. 

So, now that you’re picking up on the nasty things that inner bitch says to hold you down and hold you back, do you still want to be listening to her? Basically this mean inner dialogue that has become louder than the real you, the nice, supportive, inspiring you by years of ingraining from society and a whole lot of practice from you. 

But that’s ok, we can totally rewire the sound system, we just need to ingrain some new thought habits.  

My challenge for you this week is this: 

Fristly, what is it that you’d like to tell yourself? 

What do you need to hear from yourself? 

It's time to embrace all the good parts that make up the fabulous being that is you! 

Write it out as a little mini love note or list three things you'd define as your greatest qualities. (if you can’t settle on only 3, amazing! Keep on recognising your worth girl, but maybe pick 5 so the next step is more doable) 


 I embrace my new way of thinking because I now recognise how valuable, beautiful and talented I am. 

 I am kind. I am intelligent. I am gorgeous. And I know my worth. 

Your answer is your new mantra (your words to live by) and you want to memorise the hell out of it. 

This week say it 3 times a day. 

You don’t need to find extra time for this because you can always say it in your head while you’re showering, cooking, on the bus, in the office etc etc 

If you can, saying it out loud or in the mirror is extra powerful and writing them out every day works a treat too. But the important thing is that your new mantra is on repeat, shouting over the negative noise whichever way you do it! 

We’re essentially going to drown out that bitch we were talking about and help our minds 

create new thinking habits. 

Are you ready to start loving the hell out of yourself? 

Download my Personal Mantra Sheet here!


Top tips to make it easy as possible: 

* Say it out loud the moment you wake up. Perhaps even have a little stretch as you wait for the shower to warm up.

* At lunch time as you’re about to take a bite of food, think about how lucky you are and how delicious it will taste. Say your mantra amongst the tastiness and gratitude.

* As you lie in bed about to fall asleep let your mantra be your last thoughts. Part of my bedtime routine is to do a short guided meditation which I say my mantras after and then fall asleep. But more on that later!

* Set reminders on your phone as the day does seem to fly by otherwise!

Obviously if you want to say it more than 3 times a day, do it girl! Make sure you ENJOY saying them, take a couple of deep breaths just to ground yourself in the present before allowing those new thoughts to trickle in while you’re relaxed.

Have a lovely day.

I’m rooting for you!

Love,Mimi x

Download my Printable Mantra Sheet I've created for you here!

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