Week One: A Fresh Start

I thought the best place to start our daily mantras was under the theme of a lovely, delicious 



 If you’ve been feeling a bit flat, unmotivated or anxious, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Together we’re going to create new, meaningful habits for you to replace the old. 


 So before we can essentially, ‘re-wire our brains’ to think more positively, we need to come back to ourselves and lay some solid foundations for a positive turn around that lasts.On Instagram I asked my audience what their biggest pain points were and why they felt this journey together would help them. The response was huge which clearly highlighted so many of us are in the same boat! 


Aside from a few varied answers, the same issues kept popping up and I bet you can guess what they were…


1) Deep lack of self confidence 

2) Feeling of discontentment with their lives 

3) Dissolusioned or trapped in a love-lost job 

4) Stuck in a land of comparison and therefore disconnected from their true potential 

5) Wanting to start the day feeling happy and empowered 


 Do any of these resonate with you too?


If so, please join us on Instagram where we are going to be helping each other to change perspective and start embracing a new, more positive life! 


I’ll be sharing my morning mantras every Monday and encouraging you to feel a little bit 

more love for yourself. 

I believe that in doing this as a community, we can encourage each other to stay motivated (as I don’t know about you but keeping up momentum can be hard on your own) and celebrate success together! 


I also  believe that small changes can make a huge difference. I started learning the art of mindfulness and manifestation for myself this last year and used what I learnt to pull myself out of a dark place. It helped shine a few rays of light on my situation, which gave me clarity, therefore perspective and ultimately an idea of how to change what wasn’t working.However, I don’t want you do have to do this alone so I’m here to help you do the same!



What we’ll be doing: 

 1) Daily mantras & affirmations in my Instagram stories. You’re welcome to share them, print them, say out loud and save them as backgrounds (it’s important we repeat, repeat, repeat!)

2) Weekly challenges to help you 

3) Discussing topics around each weeks theme, helping each other over hurdles and celebrating our successes through what women do best… conversation. 


 This is going to be fun! 

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Love, Mimi x

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