The Start of Something New

Who else feels like they’re stuck in a rut? 

Tired of feeling trapped? 

Not really feeling like you’re living your best lives or selves? 

Generally feeling the burdens of adulthood, ground hog day vibes and loss of real connection? 


Now are you ready to inject some positive flavours back into your heart?Then join me and my community of babes on Insta on a 

group journey to happyville! 


Because we are sick of plodding along, beating ourselves up, seeing only flaws in the mirror and waiting around for 

miracles to happen! 



 I am so ready to sift all the crap out my head so I can have more energy to properly pursue my dream life and to eradicate (or at least quieten) the internal battlefield of my brain!But keeping up with something daily is hard for me, staying motivated or even just remembering! Which is why I believe doing this as a team is key.


Together we can keep each other motivated and inspired, share in the highs and lows and help each other grow. 


Because, aren't good things always better when done together? 

 And that is the whole reason I am doing this. 


Whats involved? 

Everyday on Instagram we will be doing morning mantras together. 



Every week I’ll be providing you with free tools to use, lots of free things to take away, food for thought and practices to help you. And you can join us on Insta where we’ll be doing morning mantras everyday; 3 Affirmations relevant to the theme of the week and you'll have chance to personalise them if you wish. And chance to discuss those themes together.


 I'll also be encouraging you to move your bodies for a couple of minutes every morning (definitely for fun not fitness!). So join in if you'd like! Plus I’ll be collecting up some wisdom gold fromknowledgable people I admire.


Don't worry, everything I give you will be bitesize bits that can easily be implemented into our busy lives and to keep this as 

fun and do-able as possible



So sign up to the newsletter for your weekly dose of happy mail and we'd love to see you on Instagram


 For everything else, keep your eye on the blog!



Mimi x

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