The only morning routine you need. And it's at bedtime

If you’re here then you’ve probably read every other ‘morning routine for successful women’ blog posts that exists out there, frustrated upon finding that they all suggest waking up before daylight, making 5 different smoothies, doing 10 fitness routines, listening to several podcasts while grinding your own coffee beans and painting your nails, journaling 15 pages, meditating and going for a run…… 


Well let’s be honest, I’m sure a few CEOs out there somehow achieve this, but many of us also have babies who keep us up all night, who would spill smoothies all over the expensive rug and probably burn the house down while you attempted the downward dog. Am I right?


For me, reading all of those almost posts about the 4:30am woman I ought to be only made me feel much worse about my chaotic environment, when I was only looking for some advice on how to make the business and motherhood jigsaw pieces fit together better! So if that is you too, you're in the right place.


I was fed up of not waking up in the morning feeling on top of my shit and ready for the day. I wanted to go to sleep peacefully, anxiety free and even looking forward to tomorrow. 


Do you know what I realised? Self care doesn’t have to cost all the time and money! And if a big morning routine wasn’t realistic, perhaps a smaller evening one could be… while also serving as a moment for self care! 


As we’ll be covering in more detail next week in Mimi’s Morning Mantras, your inner dialogue and language you use can literally be the very thing holding you back, but ALSO the springs to push you forward.I love this quote by Esther Hicks who says “If you plant a seed of corn, you don’t get a tulip” i.e if you go to bed full of anxiety and negative thoughts, it would be a bit of a bloody miracle if you woke up feeling AMAZE. Because hun, you planted the seed of unwanted thought, which over night has manifested itself into a horrid brain weed... clouding your vision, making you feel low and never really giving you any rest. 


Ok ok, now where’s the routine I hear you ask? 

Well, it turns out it doesn’t take much to transform the way you sleep, the way you wake up and therefore your overall sense of well-being. 

Here is mine, so use it as you please! It has now become so much more than a routine. It has become my own, uninterrupted self care ritual and it really does work to help me switch off and reset. 


 AND It’s really simple!!

1 : No screen time in bed!! 

 Replace phone with a book. If you can turn your phone onto airplane mode, even better! Falling asleep on the sofa then dragging your self into bed is somewhere we’ve all been, but no good for mental health. Get upstairs half an hour before you plan to fall asleep and do a bit of reading. I can’t tell you how much more rested my brain feels when I do this. And it makes me lovely and sleepy! 


2: Wash your face & moisturise.

Eye roll.I know it seems silly to add such an obvious one, but I only really started doing this when I turned 30 in March… It’s nothing long or I probably wouldn’t do it, just quick wash, face oil and moisturiser. It’s not really for beauty purposes, just to feel fresh and rid of all the days toxins.(more on my minimalist skin care routine later) 


3 : Sleepy, relaxing essential oils 

Oh how these work wonders! And if you stick to the same ones, they become extreme sleep triggers.

Dab onto neck and wrists or get a handy roll on or a pillow spray! 

 The old classic is lavendar but my personal combo fave is Ylang Ylang & Bergamot. I now also use it before meditation and it works so powerfully to get me into a relaxed state. Use all of these powerful triggers to your advantage! 


4 : Guided meditation in bed.

If there’s one step you take from my routine, let it be this! 

It was so powerful the first time we did it, Sam fell asleep within in the first minute and snored so loudly it became quite the opposite of relaxing for me! 

From now on we do it sat up, cross legged in bed as lying down was obviously TOO relaxing! Once you’re clean, oiled and relaxed after reading in bed, turn the lights off so you’re ready to pop head to pillow as soon as it’s finished. 


There are so many options available for you and I suggest finding one before you go to bed so you’re not wasting 30mins trying to pick one. Also some voices that appeal to me are annoying to Sam and vice versa, so test them out first and find one you both warm to/ enjoy the sound of. 


I’d recommend choosing one that’s no more than 10/15 minutes long. You want it to easily fit into your life. Not become a chore that you avoid and then feel guilty about. There are so many topics too, so find one that resonates with how you’re currently feeling. Also, if there are two of you and your other half isn’t up for joining in, you could always listen with earphones as the lights will be turned off anyway. 

Where to find them: You Tube, Calm App, Headspace App


5 : Plant your happy seed! 

Remember what we spoke about earlier? You are the creator of your own experience! 

You’ll come across all sorts of situations and emotions in life, but how you deal with them is key.Falling asleep dreading the next day or falling asleep immediately after scrolling through social media and playing the comparison game is not going to serve you well. 

It's important you learn to go to bed looking forward to the next day 

(however hard this may feel at first). 


After your meditation, lie in bed and let the final thoughts to your day be a positive affirmation, 

such as: 

I look forward to the day ahead 

I feel happy, grateful and abundant

I trust tomorrow will flow with ease

I am excited for my new routine and positive mindset 


Stick with this new mini bed time routine and see how it sets you up for the next day far better than a long list of to dos and getting up before the cockadoodle doos! 


Download my free bedtime routine planner I’ve created for you here!

Use as a helpful reminder and feel good factor. 

Stick it next to your bed and remember; new habits become second nature after a bit of consistency, so keep going :) 


Love Mimi x 

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