Redefine Beauty

First of all it’s important that I say that I’m not here to shame make-up or the beauty industry as a whole. As I wish to encourage self love, one could argue that enjoying a pamper, keeping those eyebrows looking human and having your nails done is all part of that. And I love an eyeliner flick. 

What I am trying to achieve with my ‘Redefine Beauty’ collection is a bit of clarity and perspective on how far we need to go or obsess over our looks/flaws. And hopefully to inspire a bit of self love. 

We all have spots, stray hairs and unsymmetrical features.

But there is this immense, unhealthy amount of pressure placed on women to achieve inhuman perfection… at all times. What about hungover Sundays, bloated period days and days when suddenly your skin decides to start a war? 

These are natural things! But the amount of stress and self loathing we place on ourselves because of them is a sucha damn shame ya knoo? 

Plus the more we fret, the more we hurl abuse at ourselves in the mirror, the more it teaches young girls that looks are how we value a person.


I’m pretty sure we weren’t put on this planet to just be pretty faces.

If you’re using makeup to experiment creatively, then enjoy the fun.

The moment that fun is lost is when we alter our features just to feel acceptable in societies eyes, and therefore in our own eyes.

But that just means we’re all trying to look the same, and I say screw that!

Take away the things that make you, you (whether you deem them qualities or flaws right now) and what are you left with?

Don't worry if you're not totally smooth and hairless at all given times.

Or have 0% body fat. These bodies can grow babies and win olympic medals, they are amazing! Just be healthy.

Not wearing all the contours is ok. You’re still beautiful.

Being on trend doesn’t make you an acceptable person. Being kind does.

Love and compliment your sisters on their successes as well as how they look.

Spend less time worrying about your looks/someone on Intagram's seemingly perfect looks, and spend those new spare moments doing yoga, reading a book, being creative, going for a walk, ironing your socks.... whatever will bring you inner satisfaction!

Work on the you that has the power to affect other people, over the you that makes you look better to people.

What makes you you, is what comes from within (without trying to slice up too much cheese here).

No amount of skin tweaking can hide personality.


To change the minds of men and the world, we must begin with how women treat women, including ourselves.

Be NICE to yourself because you've got millions of qualities, so let em shine girl!

Remember you are beautiful and you are magical from the moment you wake up!


Mimi x

PS- Shallow, body shaming magazines will only continue to have influence if us women keep buying them. So stop buying them! :D 

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