Pretty Powerful - Behind The Scenes with Charlotte Jacklin

So I wanted to kick off my 'Behind The Scenes' chats with Charlotte because she was one of the first people I met when we moved to Margate. Although neither of us live there now, it is the seaside stop where Charlotte and I both fell pregnant within the first month!
(we hold the sea air fully responsible)
Since we shot this informal natter during my Pretty Powerful shoot, this wonderful woman has gone on to achieve a whole heap of exciting things and I’m really excited to be able to share her journey with you.
If you follow her already you will know how marvellous she is! Funny, articulate, down to earth, honest, has a penchant for flowers and totally nailed her own fashion style. She knows what she loves and it’s easily recognisable. Often when out and about, just like a doting Aunt I’ll think “oh Charlotte would love that’.
If jumpsuits, maxi dresses, dungarees, cord and baskets are your jam, follow her now. She gives great modern yet, floral (grandma chic anyone?) décor tips, her daughter June is adorable, glorious and she's made following her instagram feel like being her friend.
Plus I can honestly say that she is just as wonderful, confident and funny in real life.

So, what has she been up to?

Well, Betty Magazine is now an online destination for fashion, travel and lifestyle, but print was where it all started.
Originally founded by herself and another lady, last year she made the leap to go solo with it and officially took over the business herself. Now everything can be found online and it feels right hearing it all in her voice.
I highly recommend signing up to her Monday Motivator newsletter. It’s the perfect thing to pop into your inbox before a cheeky coffee break.
So not only has she been busy relaunching a whole business, keeping up with the vast world that is social media and blogging while simultaneously juggling motherhood… but she’s only gone and launched also her first podcast too!
If you haven’t heard of ‘The Fringe Of It’, well, where have you been because it is fantastic. And co-hosted with the epitome of lovely that is Liv Purvis. Hearing them natter away about life, style, love, friendship, the highs, the lows and the sillies of life is surprisingly enjoyable and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. I could listen to them (or kind of wish I could be there nattering away with them ) until the cows come home.
So hats off to you Charlotte for having achieved all of this in just one year, and as a mother!
My Pretty Powerful feature series is here to showcase women who have made it to where they are through their own talents, perseverance, determination and intelligence. We’re here to celebrate them and to find inspiration from their hard work. 
So go check out her website, sign up to her newsletter, listen to her podcast, take heed of her style advice and follow her on instagram for gods sake.
AND to hear about what motivates her, her biggest challenges, what powerful means to her and a few pearly words of wisdom from the lady herself, watch my video below!
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