Our World Our Future

Our World Our Future

Mama Of Pearls, Coral launches new adult version!

I’ve always felt passionate that we must teach our little futures that change does lie in their pretty little hands and to remember the power they hold so they don't feel deflated or powerless as adults.

Someone who represents healthy, sustainable and organic living is Coral. Not only does she co-run her rainbow coloured wellness juice business @42Juice (created when helping her brother through illness) but also inspires her girls to enjoy yoga and shares her healthy recipes and beauty tips on her beautiful blog.

So who better to represent my ‘Our World Our Future’ tee?!

We had a little chat about how she manages everything, stays inspired and raises her daughters in a world so geared up to dishearten girls with fire in their bellies!

You’re certainly an inspiration! Not only do you juggle everything it seems, but you also maintain a healthy lifestyle. When I’m crazy busy I find healthy vibes take a back seat! What’s the key to squeezing healthy recipes and yoga into a busy life? 

Thank you so much!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a complete saint at all times, I just really enjoy how eating healthily makes you feel and improves your quality of life! The key to maintaining it is preparation... So making sure I have seeds soaked for the next mornings smoothie or just getting up that extra hour earlier to make a juice, it's all about prioritising. I'm also really lucky as one of our juice bars is down the road from me so I can always grab something there if I don't have time to make it myself. Also, my mum lives next door to us and she is SO generous with her time, helping out with the girls (and housework!!) So It's definitely down to that too!! 

Was nutrition something you discovered through helping your brother or has it always been a passion?

I became interested in nutrition when I was about 20 as I fell ill with meningitis and was extremely weak afterwards. My dad was currently eating a macrobiotic diet and to help me heal we used to go and choose vegetables to prepare and cook healthy meals together and I healed very quickly, so it was around that time that I felt the correlation between nutrition and healing. 

When my brother fell ill it just sparked my interest even more and that's when Natalie and I saw a gap in the market and felt that Brighton definitely needed some organic goodness!

What age did you start teaching Ava yoga and was she interested straight away?

I think just by doing your own practice at home from your child being a baby naturally sparks their interest in what you are doing... Kids love to imitate grown ups, so if you set the right example they should follow in your footsteps! (And hopefully not rebel, haha!)

What would you say are the biggest challenges for parents raising girls in this modern world? 

I think there is so much information and distraction for girls with the internet and social media nowadays. I think it is really important to make girls realise that beauty comes from the inside and I think it is going to get even more challenging as the virtual world becomes more prominent. I think it is extremely important to make your daughters feel comfortable in their own skin and not care too much about body image. Happiness comes from within and I really hope my girls can keep this with them and stay grounded in this crazy world!

What’s been the most useful piece of business advice you’ve received?

To stay open to opportunities, keep your integrity, stay positive and keep your vision clear and the rest will follow.

Any advice for other women trying to do it all and often feeling a bit flattened/overwhelmed by everything?

The most powerful thing you can do when you feel overwhelmed or flat is to try to become present in that moment and have gratitude for what you do have rather than looking out and comparing yourself. There will always be someone in a better position than you and there will always be someone worse off too! But there will always be something to be grateful for, and even if it's only for a moment that gratitude can bring you happiness.

Lastly, what do you wish you could tell your younger self?

Not to pluck my eyebrows

Give more compliments 

Quality over quantity

And less is ALWAYS more!




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