Manifesting In A Nutshell

You may have heard the terms “manifesting” and “affirmations” doing the rounds recently. They’re not new principles, but I’m going to try and explain what I’ve learnt as simply as possible as I think everyone can and should use them.
Now, obviously I couldn’t cover everything in this one post,
but I can sum the basics and give you some fun examples to try it out!
My family are big believers of the power of manifestations. Quite literally,
you can talk yourself into the life you’re asking for.
Why? Because often our mindset has gotten stuck in the mud. We’re feeling like we’re looping and only seeing the negatives: What we don’t have. What we’re not achieving.
In focusing on what we don’t have, we aren’t looking in the right direction and are actually asking for more of it. (oh!)

A bit of background...

It was actually my mum who first introduced the art of manifesting to me. Growing up she always taught us to concentrate on the positive, in karma, in envisioning what you want and believing those dreams will happen if you keep believing.
A few years ago after losing her father and shortly after being made redundant, she did some inner soul searching and ended up discovering teachers who took her natural way of thinking a bit deeper.
As she began practising manifestations, learning the ‘Art of Allowing’ by Abraham Hicks and doing her affirmations regularly, amazing things started happening! Knots and bumps in the road she was on started straightening out and magical surprises kept appearing.
This whole “create your own happiness” ethos normally tends to be explained in a very spiritual way, which some people might be put off by. I have found it’s actually quite scientific and rather logical as well as spiritual. Why we are we not taught this in school, where a lot of the seeds of our mental health issues begin their sprouting?!
So, this is why I am sharing my take on it. I want to make this way of thinking accessible to everyone. It’s empowering, if you give it the time of day. It may change your life completely.
Now if in the back of your mind you’re thinking “sounds like hippie bull poo” it’s not really going to work! But also… if you are thinking that, you might be in need of it!
So I recommend giving it a chance and going with it, assumptions aside.
So, firstly……

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is, to put it simply, creating (manifesting) the life you want by making sure your mind (and therefore entire vibrational energy) are aligned with your desires. What sorcery is this? PAGAN WITCH! Ok, bear with me. 
To help become in tune with (and ready to receive) your desires, you can use affirmations to re-align your brain waves. I like to call them my “mantras” as they are, literally; your own words to live by.

Your mindset is everything

Most of us can have control over our minds and therefore our lives. With a bit of practice, we really can retrain and reshape our thought processes.
Why is this so important? Because positive energy attracts positive energy & so guess what? Negative energy attracts negative energy. Or, “Where focus goes, energy flows” (Tony Robbins)
I know we all kind of know this. We all know that in theory having positive thoughts about ourselves, other people and the world will better our lives. But manifestation helps us go deeper. It is a tool to actually be able to achieve it.

Re-training our minds

To begin we must honestly evaluate our thought processes, our desires and HOW we are asking for them BECAUSE simply asking for it in the wrong way can actually push the very thing you’re after, further away! (because you’re focusing on the wrong thing, therefore aligning your energy with what you don’t want)
You still with me?
I’ll give you a personal example:
When my fiancé and I were having money troubles, I was trying to do what my mum always taught us: Think positively about what you want, keep on dreaming, keep on wishing for it and it will happen!
She is indeed correct. Only, I was focusing on the wrong angle, therefore wishing for the wrong thing.
My thoughts were “We are having money troubles, I can’t wait to no longer have money troubles. I can’t wait for us to be debt free. I can’t wait for us to no longer struggle”
I thought I was wishing away those problems, but do you see I was ACTUALLY focusing on them?
“We are having money troubles, I can’t wait to no longer have money troubles. I can’t wait for us to be debt free. I can’t wait for us to no longer struggle
In subconsciously focusing on the issues, I was essentially praying for them (AKA manifesting) instead of for the solution!
See how powerful the language in which we use is?

So, here is how we switched things up

We did this together as a couple as we both wanted things to change and knew it had to be a team effort.
We also spent an evening outlining where all of our negative connotations towards money came from and getting rid of them (I will talk about this in a separate post). Writing our affirmations and my favourite…. We made a vision board.
Now, these are the affirmations we say every day instead:
“I love being able to afford food. We are so fortunate to rent this home we can afford. We are doing so well in our careers! We are open to receiving even more abundance. I allow more money to flow into our lives. I love money”
See how we don’t give any energy to debt or struggle? All our thoughts are directed to abundance and the feelings of joy and freedom.
Now that last statement “I love money” was a hard one for me to say at first due to allllllll of those negative associations ingrained in us.
But as with any affirmations you say everyday, it may feel alien at first (for example saying “I am beautiful” everyday might feel forced to start with) But keep going, and you’ll eventually ENJOY saying them. You’ll dust away past negative associations and be able to say them with pure positive thought and that can ONLY attract more positivity do you see?
As Esther Hicks says “the better it gets, the better it gets”
Manifestation works on the main principle that anything you want is obtainable if you
align yourself in the direction of it.
Start looking around with fresh eyes and you’ll notice all these signs you’d have otherwise missed. You’ll notice how in just having a more positive vibration, other people respond to you better,
good things start popping up instead of bad surprises.
Notice the little things, because the more you notice them, the bigger they get.
Much Love,
Mimi x

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