Less Judging More Loving

Gabrielle Wears Denim launches my new tee!
In this media heavy world full of beauty based criticism and validation, we have come to be so quick to see faults before attributes. Not only our own, but in others too.
Well enough of that! Imagine if we could walk around confident in ourselves and not using our beautiful brains to make unjustified judgements about people we don’t know anything about?
In celebration of my new message, I wanted to chat with someone who could shed some girl empowering light on the matter.
So I caught up with fashion blogger Gabrielle, (@gabriellewearsdenim) who has lived in loads of amazing countries, had her own business and maintains a beautiful fashion blog all the while being a mama too!
She was definitely someone I wanted to hear more about, particularly on how she keeps a clear head while part of her life features in the squares.
So how long have you been blogging? 
TBH not very long!! I just started a few years ago on Instagram to  show my outfits and my time living in the South of France, I didn't take it all that seriously so I was surprised by the support I got from fellow Instagrammers!! From there I decided it would be fun to start a blog, and that's  when I started gabriellewearsdenim.com. Its a new blog and I don't have all that much content on their yet. Let's say its a work in progress!! 
What does beauty mean to you?
When you sparkle from within people will see that on the outside, and that is beautiful!
What do you feel is the biggest challenge for women today? 
Its a struggle for women to truly be themselves. We have so many influences that we forget what it is we actually want/like in the first place!
You used to live in France, what did living abroad teach you?
Yes, I lived in France for 4 years but I also lived in Sweden and grew up in California! 
I'm so used to living abroad that I'm not quite sure where my home is! 
I would say, growing up and living in different cultures really matures you as a person. It teaches you a lot of patience, and tolerance ;)  
What helps you keep your head clear in the comparison land of Instagram? 
I guess I don't really like to compare myself on Instagram, if I do then I just remind myself that no one has it all, and I'm so blessed with the things I do have!
Your style has a beautiful balance of vintage/ london chic. Do you have a favourite style tip?
Denim is my go to,  it pretty much works with everything!
When do you feel your most happy and comfortable? 
Definitely when I'm cuddling with my son!! 
 What do you wish you could tell your younger self?
I'd tell myself to take things slower and not to be too quick with my decisions.

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