How To Write Affirmations: 5 Simple Steps

Great to see you here and that in reading my ‘Manifestation In A Nutshell’ post, I didn’t totally put you off by the whole thing. The fact that you’re here means you’re ready to make some changes and the best way to start is in re-wiring our brains. And the best way to do that... is with affirmations.

What are affirmations?

Think of them as mantras that you repeat everyday.
"A belief is a only thought that you continue to think" Esther Hicks
Anytime a negative thought enters you mind, let is float away and replace with one of these instead. How often that happens may come as a surprise at first!
They're quite easy once you know how, and in repeating them everyday they should boost your confidence, give you motivation and make your life sunnier.

How to write your own

1. Start by writing down 3 things that feel wrong and you wish to change.
2. Now re-write them into statements that contain ONLY positive words/meaning (basically the exact opposite).
3. Write them in the present to make you start living that reality straight away
(For example instead of saying “I want to feel beautiful”, “I will be successful” or “I want to be happy” try “I am beautiful” “I am successful” “I am happy”)
4. Try to make at least one evoke feelings or senses (For example "I am excited for that warm feeling of stepping off the plane lots this year")
5. Try to make them snappy, so they are easy to repeat over and over!

How to use them

Say them out loud and/or write them down every day (as many times a day that you’d like. The more, the better).
I like to write my affirmations down and then repeat them aloud everyday over breakfast. I make sure they ooze triggers of senses, feelings, emotions and gratitudes.
I also like to stick them around the house in places I’ll see them all the time. By the kettle, next to my mirror, front cover of my note pad, the wall on the staircase! Then everytime I see one, I say it out loud.
Write them out in lots of different colours that make you feel happy. And make a vision board!
The most important thing is you have fun with it, enjoy the process. Even though you may be in a bad place, try not to feel desperate when you repeat them, really try to find inner calm if you can and start enjoying the moment you're in.
I had to work on this at the beginning, because when I turned to affirmations, I was really needing help.
Remember it is the beginning of a new season, so be excited!

Personal experience

I don’t get it right everyday! Sometimes my mood is off or I’m feeling like I'm not believing them.
But when that happens, I realise that is the time I need to say my affirmations and align with them the most!
So, I bring myself back to the moment, trust the universe, shake off my negative feels and try again.
Also- myself and my fiancé are learning to not put too much pressure on ourselves and to stop worrying about not seeing results because of course…. That only leads to not seeing results! (Read about the law of attraction here)
Instead we’ll talk about or focus on what was good in our day or remind ourselves of the funny things that have been happening since we changed our perspectives. (Like winning £4.70 on the lottery the day after we started! The amount is irrelevant; the fact is, the ball had started rolling. Sam was then offered a promotion a week later! And lots more amazing things have happened)
All I can say from personal experience is individually and as a couple, we are so much happier, lighter and stronger, even if we are still working towards where we want to be. And in feeling so much better, less things seem to go wrong and life feels a lot less stressful. (positive energy attracts positive energy). It feels good to be happy with what we have now while striving for more.
One last Tip: if you're writing them down everyday, date your pages. As your affirmations change over time, looking back on them is so interesting. You’ll see how you’ve grown and how far you’ve come!
Enjoy the process and remember to be open to seeing all those little signs of your affirmations working! Once you start noticing them, you’ll be amazed at the power of your emotional magnetism!
And remember… Everything Will Be Ok.
Much Love,
Mimi x
I created my Notepad Trio with positive affirmations in mind.
I wanted a special place to write them everyday (as a mum my note scrawling has become a bit haphazard and unorganised, but these I tuck away in a drawer ready for that special moment every morning)

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