5 Ways To Stay Zen In Jan

Oh January!
After all the decorations have come down, the greyness has reached peak greyness and the world is telling us all that indulging they encouraged us to do was in fact, a terrible thing to do. Even with the fresh feeling that comes with setting new intentions, overall... I'd rather be in the Bahamas.
But, if like me, you're unable to recharge with solar energy,
I have some little quick fixes to help you through to Spring.
1. Set some flight deal alerts
“travel more” is probably on your resolution list. However after the financial hit of Christmas, it’s not always possible to do any booking in Jan and I always get a little panicky that my holiday dreams won’t happen! To get the ball rolling and have something exciting to look forward to, set up flight alerts on Kayak and Sky Scanner (guaranteed you’ve already picked out where you want to be eating Al fresco or dipping toes into warm water) So it should be quick and easy! Now sit back and wait for those merry email pings!
2. Essential oils
I highly recommend purchasing a very little treat for yourself… either a roll on for your wrist, or a spray to keep with you at all times. Depending on which mix you choose they can really help with anxiety, insomnia, stress, tiredness and generally making you feel a whole lot better because they are GORGEOUS lets face it.
3. Have a sort out
You’re probably spending a lot more time at home this month due to Christmas spending repercussions, so go through some old drawers, have a possession detox! Either donate to charity or sell some bits on Ebay, either way it’s a win win, and having an uncluttered living environment always helps my mental health.
4. Affirmations
Write happy “you go girl”s and stick them all over the house! Go as overboard as you like…live in a post it note world! I’m serious, pop em in places you’ll see them everyday and make sure you actually read them. They will hopefully bring you smiles and if you say them out loud, then double bonus! You can find my positive affirmation tips here.
5. Oxygenate your bedroom
Did you know all my best oxygen emitting plants are in our bedroom? Yup, fact. I love that without having to have the windows open as much in these bitter times, there is still air circulation thanks to our leafy friends. Get switching round your house plants or pop to patchplants.com where they sell them at reasonable prices!
Don’t forget Jan isn’t about cutting everything out that is enjoyable. It’s a fresh start (new notepad anyone?) chance to dust away cobwebs and give yourself some new but realistic goals... if you want to.
When looking on social media, just remember everything and everyone grows at different rates, so stop comparing yourself to strangers on a different journey to you!
Oh, and find a podcast that makes you giggle or feel inspired and enjoy listening instead of scrolling in the morning.
Happy New Year!
Mimi x

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